What is it?

The Regional Knowledge Centre for Marine Plastic Debris website functions as an essential platform, providing comprehensive information on marine plastic issues impacting the ASEAN+3 region. This encompasses regulatory frameworks, stakeholder networks, ongoing initiatives, best practices, innovative approaches and scientific knowledge.

Our website is the go-to source for data and information related to marine plastics in the ASEAN+3 region. The materials available here are updated regularly through a continuous process of science-based information gathering and curation.

The primary aim of this platform is to provide support for policymakers, researchers, practitioners, and the private sector, while also educating the public and empowering them to make informed decisions. Spanning many sectors and areas of society, we facilitate collaboration and help find effective solutions to marine plastic pollution.

Who is it for?

This knowledge platform has been designed to support a diversity of user groups, helping them locate the information they need to better understand and address the problem of marine plastics pollution in the ASEAN+3 region.

For policymakers, it offers a wealth of science-based data that can inform policy formulation. For researchers, experts and practitioners, it also provides an overview of regional activities and trends related to marine plastics.

Additionally, we engage with the private sector and promote their sustainable business practices, while also raising public awareness and presenting them with potential avenues to progress.

What information can you find?

Government Actions
This section of the platform provides information on country-specific initiatives, covering laws and regulations, international agreements, practical measures and extended producer responsibility (EPR) schemes.

  • Laws and Regulations
    Ministries and coordination mechanisms, action plans and roadmaps, as well as national and local laws and regulations for each of the ASEAN+3 Member States.
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  • International Agreements
    Regional and international agreements supporting ASEAN+3 Member States in the development of regulations, roadmaps and action plans at the national level.
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  • Practical Measures
    An essential resource for researchers and policymakers, especially those looking for broad and bitesize summaries of policy implementation in ASEAN+3.
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  • Extended Producer Responsibility
    Existing practices and legal frameworks in ASEAN+3 Member States, highlighting the challenges and opportunities to be considered.
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Non-government Actors
Information about civil society entities, including research institutions, non-governmental and international organisations, as well as alliances and coalitions that are actively engaged in combating plastic pollution in the ASEAN+3 region.
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Private Sector Platform
Businesses use the private sector platform (PSP) to promote their innovations, showcase their products and share knowledge about the technologies or services helping to reduce plastic waste.
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Scientific Information
This section helps policymakers and researchers in their efforts to bridge information gaps and address plastic pollution in the ASEAN+3 region.

  • Research Expertise Catalogue
    A valuable resource for researchers and policymakers seeking evidence to support the development of knowledge and science-based policies in their respective countries.
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  • Assessment Methods
    Methodologies and references for monitoring and assessing plastics, generating the reliable data and scientific knowledge that underpins relevant studies and initiatives.
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  • Plastic Waste and Mangroves
    Case studies and data from around the ASEAN+3 region that highlight negative ecosystem impacts in mangroves and the various on-site countermeasures being implemented in response.
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