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Lai Day Refill Station was established as an initiative to reduce the amount of single-use plastic packaging or hard-to-decompose products during our product supply chain. LaiDay specializes in providing environmentally friendly products, from personal care, home care, to “green” products for “take away”, used for shopping, going to school, going to work, traveling, etc. Especially, this is a business model that allows customers to refill products into old bottles, not only saving costs but also protecting the environment and reducing plastic waste. Refill station strives to share with you how to build model 5R (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, Repair, Refuse).

All of our suppliers and partners are required to follow LaiDay Refill’s mission statement: completely reduce “single-use” packaging, and “single-use-unrecyclable plastic” packaging altogether. At LaiDay, detailed information about products for buying and refilling is always provided fully and accurately. The transparency of Lai Day Refill Station helps customers easily check the origin and quality of products at any time.

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Lai Day Refill

Laiday Refill Station is the first bulk store in Vietnam where you can buy from over 400 eco-friendly reusable products and refill daily non-food products without causing unnecessary waste.

Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
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